Nooch Snack & Chill (No. 3 Road)

Nooch is conveniently situated on No. 3 Road in Nikkoffee's old spot. First of all, I have to say that this review is going to be very unfair to Nooch. That's because Nooch is primarily a sandwich place, and I'm a sandwich hater. I blame it on sandwiches being the most convenient packed lunch for elementary and high school kids. "Why did you go to Nooch then?", you might ask. Well I'm a sucker for deal vouchers.

My $8.99 coupon included 2 choices of panini and a pot of tea to share. And it included HST too! There were a lot of teas to choose from: blueberry green tea, mango green tea, chai, and a number of black teas. I wanted something light, so I opted for mango green tea. It came in the innovative Brewt infuser which automatically dispenses tea when placed on top of the cup.

I was actually hoping to try the apple 'n' pear panini, but they were sold out. We got the roast chicken and the pesto turkey instead. Both came with a side of salad and chips. When I bit into the sandwich, I was pleasantly surprised. I actually liked it. The bread was soft with a crispy toasted crust and the creamy sauce complemented the filling perfectly; the chicken paired with lemon aioli, and the turkey with tangy pesto. Can't say I liked the chips though. They were pretty much bland and the oil made me feel very icky.

I came back to Nooch for a 2nd visit because of... you guessed it! More deal vouchers! The place features a separate menu on Friday and Saturday nights (9 pm - 12 am) with milk top teas ($5) and liege waffles ($6-$7). There are 4 milk tops to choose from: original, matcha, cinnamon, and vanilla. They all come with green tea, but I would have preferred black. For a description of the drink, check out my post on Nikkoffee.

I went with a savoury waffle: the apple and pear ($7) with walnuts and melted cheese. The portion was not bad, and there was even a side of salad. The sweet-tart fruits went very well with the savoury cheese, the crunchy walnuts and the fluffy waffle.

The sweet matcha waffle ($7) with fresh fruits and whipped cream was a lighter alternative. Since there were no toppings on the waffle, I could fully appreciate its buttery goodness and fluffy texture. There wasn't much of a matcha flavour though.

I was a little disappointed when Nikkoffee was replaced by Nooch, so it's good to know that milk top teas are still available on the weekend. I'm not sure I'll be back too often though, as the creamy milk top was very heavy and filling. I felt really bloated after finishing just half the glass. It's definitely not the best thing to drink right before bedtime.

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  1. Wait, so does it really serve the old Nikkoffee stuff on Fri/sat evenings? I wanted to try the milk top tea a long time ago, but never got the chance to.

    oh and your deal voucher is better than mine :( I just got like $10 for $20 worth of food. The tea thing is cool!

  2. That's what it looks like. My deal voucher for the waffle and milk top tea said "only available on Fri/Sat 9pm-12am" and the reservation number was the old Nikkoffee number. So I'm assuming Nooch rents the place out to the Nikkoffee crew on Fri/Sat night. Let's go there some time with Kirby since we're all in Richmond!

  3. Yeah!!! I totally wanna try the milk top tea!!


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