Trixi's Crepe & Coffeehaus

Trixi's is a small crepe cafe on Cambie and 17th Ave with self-serve seating. There seemed to be a steady flow of customers while we were there, so most of the tables were occupied. There were only 2 people running the place: the owner/crepe maker and a girl working the floor. The girl came over quickly after we were seated and smiled as she asked what we'd like to drink. I asked for hot water as usual and a cup was brought over immediately. "Pretty good service for a cafe," I thought. We tried a few different crepes and all of them were delicious. The crepe itself had a soft texture with a mild flavour that did not take away from the filling, but complemented it perfectly.

Lemon Pepper Chicken, Mushrooms, Swiss Cheese Crepe ($9.50)

I couldn't detect any lemon flavour, but the chicken was a bit sour and the pepper was very prominent. The sourness helped balance out the heaviness of the meat and cheese. This crepe was one of the more expensive ones, but there was comparatively more filling than the other crepes.

Odessa Crepe (Sweet Cream Cheese and Raisins) ($6.50)

At first I thought this crepe would be rather boring because there were only 2 ingredients, both not very strong in flavour. The cream cheese was very light and mild (not like Philadelphia), and the consistency was kind of like melted cream. But the combination of this delicate cream and raisins was unexpectedly tasty and not boring at all.

Smoked Salmon and Brie Cheese Crepe ($9)

I made sure the salmon was not going to be cooked before I ordered this. I love smoked salmon, but I don't like the taste of cooked salmon. Weird huh? Anyway smoked salmon and melted brie was a great combination. Though both had their own distinct flavours, neither overwhelmed the other and the two blended together beautifully.

This little cafe is definitely a neighbourhood gem. In fact, most of the clientele seemed like regulars. I didn't try the drinks, but I think this would be a cozy place to enjoy a cup of coffee with a sweet or savoury crepe. Speaking of which, I noticed signs posted all over the walls advertising a 2-for-1 special on Mondays and Tuesdays throughout the winter. With the purchase of a savoury crepe, you get a Nutella crepe on the house. Not a bad deal!

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