Boston Pizza (Ironwood)

January 20, 2012
I met up with Kish for a quick lunch at Boston Pizza in Ironwood. I've never liked the chain much, but Kish wanted to go there for Pasta Tuesday. Any gourmet pasta for $9.75 is not a bad deal, considering the regular price of the most expensive one is $17.99. I didn't take full advantage of the deal though, since I ordered the Tuscan linguini ($14.99). I've actually been feeling really bloated the whole week since my meal at Phnom Penh, so I opted for the only vegetarian option on the menu (aside from baked seven cheese ravioli which sounds pretty heavy despite the lack of meat). It turned out the Tuscan linguini wasn't that easy on the stomach either. There was quite a bit of oil in the pomodoro sauce. The whole wheat linguini was very grainy and dry — almost as if it was undercooked. The roasted red peppers were a bit too soft, and there wasn't a lot of flavour to the sun-dried tomatoes. And where was the spinach? I saw maybe a total of 2-3 spinach leaves in there. The only redeeming quality of this dish was the quantity.

After this experience, I doubt I'll return to Boston Pizza unless it's the only dining option around. If you like large portions for a cheap price and don't care much about the taste, then you might enjoy Pasta Tuesdays here. Personally I think even $9.75 is too much to pay for this kind of quality.

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