Marble Slab Creamery (Queensborough)

Marble Slab is an innovative ice cream parlour where your choice of ice cream is mixed with various toppings on a cool slab of granite. There are a few interesting ice cream flavours aside from the traditional vanilla, chocolate and strawberry that are meant as a base for the toppings. These include birthday cake, cheesecake, eggnog, and red velvet. Believe it or not, they even have French toast ice cream on their online menu. I didn't see it in the store, but it would be interesting to try.

I got the banana split ($6.95) and picked red velvet, double dark chocolate and coffee for ice cream, and strawberry, pineapple and fudge brownie for toppings. The whole thing was covered with dollops of whipped cream with a sprinkle of nuts and a cherry. I was surprised that the red velvet ice cream actually tasted pretty good. I had imagined a cold liquid version of red velvet cake which didn't seem very appealing, but the cocoa flavour fit in really well. The fruit wasn't very fresh, but I didn't expect much anyway.

Marble Slab also offers "tasty creations", pre-set combinations of ice cream and toppings. I tried a few of them before and the flavours usually blend together pretty well. There are ice cream cupcakes as well, which I'm planning to try next time!

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