Indulgence Desserts

December 23, 2011
Indulgence Desserts is in a rather shabby part of town, but outer appearances can be deceiving. The store is small and intimate with bright lighting and attractive displays. There is a kitchen in the back where I assume most of the food is stored because I didn’t see a lot of items in the front. I did see a small plate of samples on the counter though. It was fluffy marshmallow coated with coconut shreds, and it was delicious! I'm not crazy about coconut, but I really enjoyed this.

I bought a $24 Groupon for 2 dozen cheesecake pops (regular $50). They came in 3 flavours: (left to right) pistachio, raspberry, and orange. I think the flavours change around, so call in ahead of time to ask what flavours are available. It’s interesting that these are called cheesecake pops because the filling was definitely more like a mousse. I thought the cheesecake inside of the chocolate coating would be dense and creamy, but the whole thing was just like a regular chocolate truffle on a stick. It was still good, just not what I had expected. Out of all the flavours, I thought raspberry would taste the best with chocolate, but orange turned out to be the tastiest by far (in my opinion). I didn’t enjoy the pistachio at all because I didn’t like pistachio to begin with, and the white filling had a very strong almond flavour.

Personally I don't like mousse, so it was slightly disappointing that the filling was mousse instead of actual cheesecake. However, these cute little treats would be perfect for parties or pot lucks. I just find them too expensive at more than $2 apiece.

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  1. My friend was debating about buying this groupon or making her own cheesecake pops. In the end she got a store bought cheesecake to make them... pretty good though haha.

    But those were pretty expensive, since it was like $10 for the cake and it didn't make that many.

  2. @Janice: I was debating about it too! I was interested in trying, but I figured 2 dozen were too many for my family unless they were amazingly delicious. And I don't think you can keep them in the fridge that long. But then I decided I would bring them in to the office, so I ended up getting the Groupon.
    In any case, it's a good thing your friend decided to make her own because while these were ok, they were NOT cheesecake pops. Making them with a store-bought cheesecake is definitely a much too expensive option though. She should have made her own cheesecake as well! Personally I'd be too lazy to go to all that trouble for cheesecake on a stick lol...


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