Caffe Fantastico (Dockside Green)

January 01, 2012
Located in the same store as Fol Epi is a small espresso bar known as Caffe Fantastico. From the entrance, there's no way of knowing there's a coffee shop inside as the sign only reads "fol epi organic bakery". But considering the place is not in the middle of downtown and foot traffic is most likely low to non-existent, the cafe probably depends on the bakery's clientele.

The latte I had was quite good; it was rich and creamy with the smoothness of espresso and steamed milk. It wasn't spectacular, but I enjoyed the hot drink with a pastry from Fol Epi. And of course latte art is always good. It adds to the experience.

I would say the place is not worth visiting unless you're going to enjoy your drink with a pastry from the bakery. The coffee is not good enough for me to go out of my way to get it, but it sure is satisfying with a tasty pastry.

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