The Boathouse (Richmond)

December 10, 2011
My team finally headed to The Boathouse for a lunch meeting that had been postponed for months. In early celebration of Christmas, most of us ordered drinks and I opted for a gin and tonic.

We shared a couple of appetizers including the chilled seafood share platter ($38.99). There were poached prawns, raw oysters, mussels and a small pot of seafood cocktail with crab/shrimp meat. The seafood was not bad, but my favourite part was the seafood cocktail because the taste was more multidimensional. With oysters, mussels and prawns, you already know what to expect and the quality pretty much has nothing to do with the chef or the restaurant.

The calamari ($13.99) was not oily at all, and the squid was soft and easy to bite through. It was good, but nothing out of the ordinary.

I had the seafood grill ($17.99) for my entree, and the portion was quite big. There were 2 skewers with salmon, scallop and prawn on each one, and 4 rather large chunks of potato on the side. The salmon was slightly sweet with a maple glaze and the scallops and prawns were big and juicy. I liked the scallop the most as it was very tender. I didn't enjoy the potatoes though as they were quite bland. I think they were lightly seasoned, but the inside was flavourless because the chunks were too big. The whole dish, and particularly the string beans, was much too oily for my taste.

The Boathouse is a decent choice for seafood, but don't expect anything spectacular. Prices are pretty high since the place specializes in seafood which is normally quite pricey. Personally I'd rather go for something more expensive and higher quality or go for something cheaper that's still decent. This place is kind of in the middle, so I probably wouldn't come back again.

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