Wings (Coquitlam)

November 02, 2011
I went to Wings in Coquitlam for a friend's birthday dinner, and found the food and service quite mediocre. I understand it's difficult to be on top of everything when serving a large party (around 15 people), but there's no excuse for getting orders wrong, forgetting to refill the water and not smiling! We were there on a Sunday, so there was a wings special for $0.39 each with a minimum purchase of one beverage per person. We ordered many pounds of wings with different flavours, but after a while they all started to taste the same partly because they were all thrown onto the same plate. The descriptions on the menu were misleading too, because the sweet Thai tasted just like Buffalo wings except it was a bit sweeter. (Or did I eat Buffalo wings that just happened to be covered in sweet sauce? Or maybe it was sweet Thai wings in Buffalo sauce? There's no way to tell...) I found all of the wings quite dry, even the ones with the "wet" label on the menu. Wet apparently just means that the sauce is somewhat visible and the meat looks a little shiny.

I ordered the Purple Fijian because I had to order a drink for cheap wings. It looked quite unappetizing actually. It was more brown than purple and it tasted like watered-down blackberry soda. I paid a little under $7 for this, and it was totally not worth it.

Wings is yet another example of a restaurant chain that no longer cares about consistent quality. It's pretty ridiculous and ironic that the place is called Wings and the wings don't even taste that great.

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  1. after a while they all started to taste the same partly because they were all thrown onto the same plate.

    Actually, I disagree a bit. I have been to the Burnaby location, once by myself; a couple of times with others and, true, after a while, they all start to taste a bit similar (blame it to palate fatigue). However, that's when we use it as an opportunity for a game: Say, one person orders 3 set of wings. Then for the rest of the group, they have to guess what this person ordered! Of course, since you guys might not be there necessarily for this type of games, it might be a bit lost in the process. That aside, despite it being called "Wings", in the end, it is a pub/sports bar. So, unless you go there to watch a game or a small gathering (<8 preferably), things might be difficult for the wait staff to handle. Believe me, been there!

  2. @KimHo: That sounds like a fun game to play actually. I might have unknowingly played that game in my mind since I found myself trying to guess what flavour I was eating. I have been to the downtown location before in a big group as well, and they were definitely better with their service and attitude. That's why I mentioned it might be inconsistent quality among different restaurants in the chain.

  3. Recently went to a chain restaruant (Flying Beaver) for a party of 20. We had a good time there and both service and food were great. So I don't think the size of the party is really the factor but the servers themselves.

  4. @ahungrybear: I've been to the Flying Beaver too, and the wings there were much better than the ones at Wings. I agree with you that not all chain restaurants are horrible, but quite a few of them have inconsistent quality between different locations.

  5. Size of party (with reservations) should not be a determining factor in quality of service nor evaluation of service. It's called professionalism. If the wait and kitchen staff are not sufficient to serve such a large party, then either call more in to work or don't accept such a large party when they call in their reservations.

    If you can't handle the heat, get out of the kitchen.


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