Sushi Bella 美 (Kitsilano)

November 08, 2011
I was at Sushi Bella for dinner on Saturday night, and was surprised at how cozy and quiet the restaurant was. The menu covers were a slightly darker shade than the colour of Tiffany's blue box and gave a sophisticated feel.

I tried a few different sushi rolls including paradise roll ($7), monkey's roll ($6), Bella roll ($12) and ocean dream roll ($8). The combinations of ingredients were innovative and the presentation was definitely pleasing, but none of the rolls were impressive because the basics were not done right. The rice was a bit too cold and dry with no detectable hint of vinegar. The seaweed was slightly soggy and rather difficult to bite through. I think the sushi would taste a lot better if the rice and seaweed were better quality. I have to say though, the monkey's roll with banana and chocolate sauce did not taste as weird as I thought it would.

I would recommend the soy bean paper roll ($9). I loved the combination of fragrant shiitake mushroom, crispy yam tempura and light soy bean wrapper.

As mentioned above, I didn't find the sushi very impressive. I can't comment on other food items since I didn't try anything else, but I wouldn't come here for sushi. Prices are not bad though, so it's worth a try if you haven't been here before.

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