La Bretagne Creperie

La Bretagne is a French creperie on the west end of Robson offering both sweet and savoury crepes. Although both types are delicious, I've always preferred the sweet ones. I opted for banana ($5.50) and nutella (+$2.20), a tasty combination of rich and smooth hazelnut chocolate and aromatic banana slices. Nutella and banana go so well together, and the hazelnut spread was not as unbearably sweet as I had expected.

The vallee d'auge ($9.95) was a savoury crepe with chicken, apple and mushroom filling. The bechamel sauce on top made the crepe more moist as the ingredients inside were mostly dry. The flavour was very nice, but as I said I still prefer sweet crepes.

The Hawaiian ($7.75) was not a ham and cheese crepe as expected, but a dessert crepe with ice cream, pineapple, coconut shreds and Belgium chocolate. Although it tasted great, I wouldn't recommend this because the ice cream melted quickly inside the warm crepe and made it all soggy.

This is a cute little creperie with crispy crepes and fresh ingredients as filling. Another place for me to grab a quick bite when I'm downtown!

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