Fuse Pan Asian Express

Fuse is a tiny store tucked in the corner of a building located just off of Mainland. I went for lunch on Saturday and there was only one person running the place. She took our orders, brought us drinks, cooked and served the food. Hot drinks were served in interesting cups with lids to keep them warm. I had a hot Thai milk tea ($3) which was nice, but nothing like the tasty iced version at Mali Thai. It just tasted like regular milk tea that was a bit on the sweet side.

The pad thai ($9.50) was a bit mild in flavour, but that was part of the charm. Although the noodles might be a bit bland for some, I enjoyed the light seasoning because it reminded me of home cooking. I didn't like the raw bean sprouts and peanuts, but that was a matter of personal preference.

Just like the pad thai, the spicy coco chicken rice ($9.50) was comforting and satisfying like a nice home-cooked meal. The panang curry sauce was a bit spicy but very appetizing. I preferred the pad thai though, because the toppings weren't particularly interesting.

The Vietnamese mango roll with hoisin chicken ($7) was pre-made and stored in the freezer. It was refreshing, but I think it would have tasted better at room temperature. I found it a bit too cold for the flavours to come through, but I guess you can't expect too much since the place is an "express" cafe after all.

The prices were not bad for a downtown eatery and service was great. The waitress/cook brought me a small cup of cream because I mentioned the food was a bit spicy, and she was very helpful throughout the meal. One complaint I have is that ventilation was horrible and my clothes and hair soaked in all the fumes from the open kitchen. I think the restaurant should look into that.

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