Elwood's is a small and cozy pub on Broadway with a tiny patio. It was a chilly day when I visited, so I opted for a seat indoors. I got an ahi tuna burger ($10) with a side of poutine (+$3). The bun was warm and soft, and lightly toasted with a crispy crust. The lettuce and tomato were fresh and juicy, but the tuna steak was a bit overcooked for my liking. The tuna was completely cooked through and was quite tough and hard to chew. My jaw was getting tired by the time I was halfway through the burger. The garlic mayo was great though, and the flavours really blended together. The poutine was alright, nothing spectacular but decent.

The tropical tuna sandwich ($12) was very similar to the tuna burger. The bun and tuna steak were exactly the same, and so were the lettuce, tomato and pickle. The only difference was the pineapple salsa topping and the wasabi mayo.

The crispy pork belly sliders ($11) were very fatty, but they were so tasty. The grilled pork belly actually tasted like bacon, so it was a bit hard in texture.

And there was the $2 beer special! It was not a very big glass, but what do you expect for $2?

The food was not bad and prices were reasonable. I think Elwood's is a good place to grab some pub food and cheap beer if you're in the area.

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