Richmond Summer Night Market

After dinner at Soul Robata & Izakaya, we headed off to the night market for... more food! Hahaha~ There's always room for snacks and desserts. It was pretty busy there and I think there were more booths than last year.

Kish bought tofu and lamb skewers. The lamb was VERY salty and quite spicy too. The meat was juicy, but the intense flavours of the herbs and seasoning took some getting used to.

Then we passed by a booth with a guy waving a giant cotton candy with a happy face. Who could resist? Apart from the regular size ($4), there were 3 other sizes: gigantic ($5), enormous ($7), and titanic ($10). The one the guy was holding was a gigantic, so that was what we got.

But it didn't come with a happy face! So we went back and asked the guy to make us one ^_^ Pooh couldn't wait to take a bite :D It was bigger than his head!

Before we left, we picked up 2 bags of bubble waffles: 1 original and 1 chocolate. They pretty much tasted the same, except the chocolate waffle had specks of melted chocolate in it. Not the best bubble waffles I've had, but they were decent.

I think going to the night market is a fun event with friends, but the food is expensive and generally not that great. The few stalls with above average food is usually a really long wait.

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  1. That is a huge thing of cotton candy, holy smokes! 10 bucks though....haha, was it worth it? When I was little, my parents didn't like to get me cotton candy, so now, as an adult, I always want to get it, haha!

  2. Noooo the one we got was only $5! I don't want to imagine what the $10 one looks like... Haha I always like to get freshly made cotton candy too because the only time I ever see it is at the amusement park...

  3. Yeah, there's something about getting one that's freshly made, it's not all crushed like the bagged ones....I know it's all the same, but still, I like a freshly made one....gotta go back for one of thoes, plus those turkey legs I've been hearing about.....and the butter chicken poutine, haha!


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