New York Fries (Richmond Centre)

August 20, 2011

I used to love the poutine at New York Fries, but I stopped going since they switched from beef gravy to vegetarian gravy. It was an attempt to give the chain a more health conscious image, but that seems kind of pointless because fries are not healthy to begin with. The fries are slightly chewy with potato skin and are always freshly fried to order. The vegetarian gravy is not as rich and flavourful as beef gravy, but at least it has a thick consistency and is less heavy on the stomach. I still prefer La Belle Patate's vegetarian gravy though.

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  1. They're jumping on the health bandwagon!

    Can you blame them? Even MacDonald's doing it, although they're also feeding us the calories back in hidden ways...

  2. I just don't see the point of trying to make unhealthy but tasty food seem more healthy by compromising the taste. Doesn't that make it unhealthy AND bad tasting?

  3. People think if it's bad tasting, it's good for you........


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