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This was my 2nd visit to Crave and my experience was just as pleasant as the last. I got a complimentary popcorn shrimp with my Groupon which was nice because I wouldn't order this for $11. The portion was not very big, but I liked it because the batter was very thin and the sweet chili mayo dip was great.

The ahi tuna tempura roll ($12) was not bad, but I didn't feel it was necessary to batter and fry the roll. All that managed to accomplish was to make the seaweed and rice soggy. The tuna was marinated and there was sweet soy sauce on the side, so the dish was still rather enjoyable.

I had my first ever veggie burger here! I've never thought of getting a veggie burger because I've heard a lot of people complain about how horrible the veggie patty tastes. But Crave offers a brown rice and roasted veggie burger ($10) which doesn't sound half bad. I added aged cheddar (+$1) because I feel that cheese completes a burger. The brown rice patty was actually quite tasty and I liked it even more than regular meat patties because it was less filling. And the focaccia bread was just awesome with a hint of garlic and herbs. I substituted salad (+$1) for fries, but it wasn't particularly good.

The fettucine pasta ($14) was nothing special. There were tomatoes, spinach, olives, pine nuts and feta in lemon olive oil. I found the pasta extremely oily and even though it was just olive oil, I couldn't imagine finishing the whole dish by myself. Taste-wise it was nice but a bit salty from the olives.

The creme brulee ($8) was a nice way to end the meal. The burnt sugar top was very crispy and still slightly warm when it came. There were specks of vanilla bean in the custard, but unfortunately the texture was a bit runny especially around the rim.

I didn't get a drink this time, but last time I had a Früli strawberry beer. It was my first encounter with fruit beers and I was impressed. I couldn't imagine mixing fruits and beer together, but this was more like a carbonated cocktail with the smooth maltiness of beer.

Dinner at Crave was enjoyable and I would come back for drinks and snacks.

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  1. When I was in Regina, I saw this place called was some high-end steak joint or something...wonder if these two are related somehow.

  2. I doubt it... Crave seems like a very popular name. There are quite a few restaurants named Crave or Cravings in Vancouver!


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