Oishii Sushi

After seeing Oishii Sushi being featured on several daily deal sites, I finally purchased a Groupon and tried it out for lunch. I started with the deluxe sushi combo ($18.95) that came with 8 nigiri sushi and a dynamite maki roll. All of the ingredients were really fresh and tasty, but the portions were small. The rice in the nigiri was about the size of a fat finger. This is probably more authentic though, and I'm just used to nigiri with large blocks of rice in Westernized Japanese restaurants.

I also tried one of the special rolls called Oishii roll ($12.95) because I figured it must be a signature dish. It did not disappoint as both the presentation and taste were excellent. But again the portion was quite small for the price.

I thought the food was pretty good quality, but the prices would discourage me from coming back. Another thing I disliked was that the restaurant charged $1 for green tea, which I think should be complimentary with a Japanese meal.

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