HML Seafood Restaurant 明月樓

July 04, 2011
I've wanted to try HML ever since it opened, but I never got around to it. I slept in on Canada Day, so my lunch options were very limited because a lot of places were either closed after lunch hour or closed for the day. Naturally the only option left was dim sum. We arrived at around 2 pm and the place was still packed full, but probably because it was a holiday and not because of the food. Some of the more popular dim sum like the baked BBQ pork buns with puff pastry (飄香明月貴妃飽) ($3.95) and the house special baked egg and milk tarts (金牌葡撻皇) ($3.50) were already sold out. So in addition to the few dim sum we ordered, we also got a dish of stir fried rice noodles with sliced fish and vegetables (菜遠魚片河) on special for $6.80. The presentation wasn't very appealing, and the sauce was very thick and starchy. The noodles combined with the sauce had a slimy and gummy texture which was rather odd.

The dim sum was comparatively better. The homemade style pork dumplings with vegetables (精裝娥姐粉果) ($3.95) had thin and slightly chewy skins with tasty finely diced filling.

The steamed beef tendons (燒汁冶味牛孖筋) ($4.25) were average. Again the presentation was not appealing at all, but the taste was ok and the texture was soft, gelatinous and slightly bouncy.

One of the newer items on the menu is the taro and pumpkin layered cake (金絲南瓜夾心糕) ($4.25) which is basically taro shreds and pumpkin slices pressed into a pancake and pan fried. Unfortunately the pumpkin was really soft and soggy, so the thing fell apart easily. Plus the pumpkin had this weird grassy taste that I did not appreciate.

In my opinion, HML is just another mediocre dim sum place in Richmond. But the prices are pretty good since they have an ongoing promotion of 20% off and no extra charge for tea. Our bill came to under $20 after taxes, so it was very economical.

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