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June 07, 2011
I've always thought of Urban Fare as a high-end grocery store, but I did not expect the bakery section to be so impressive with its array of well-made pastries and cakes. The presentation was beautiful and unlike the typical crude bakery fare carelessly thrown together in the kitchens of large grocery chains. The lady behind the counter told me their goods are made in an Italian bakery in Coquitlam and delivered to the store twice a week.

The prices were rather high, but the presentation alone was enough to tempt me into buying a couple of these luscious sweets. The organic mocha cheesecake ($5.49) was rich and velvety with a distinct aromatic coffee flavour. A crispy cookie bottom would have been a nice contrast to the creamy filling, but the soft brownie cake bottom was not bad. I thought it might be a bit soggy since the cake was probably made days ago, but the bottom was still amazingly soft and moist just like fresh chocolate cake!

The lemon meringue tart ($4.99) was a lot lighter in taste compared to the cheesecake, but I enjoyed it more as it was less heavy and filling. The meringue was one of the best I've tasted with the perfect consistency and sweetness. It was smooth, fluffy, and neither too runny nor clumpy. The shortbread crust looked a bit pale, but tasted delicious and buttery nonetheless.

After trying these 2 items, I'm definitely a return customer. Although prices are high, I think the quality is worth the cost.

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  1. mhmm,urban fair is good, i just work at a place cross the street of urban fair on Georgia st.

    and i can see urban fair at my windows

    you should try the cheese too , i always go there to try out cheese

    and ya, their pastry looks awesome too

    hmmm...Italian bakery in Coquitlam eh ,should gotta find it on urbanspoon now

  2. Yea but I'm not sure if it's a private bakery that only does wholesale or if they have their own store as well. Anyway do let me know if you manage to find it! :D

  3. Grr. I went to Urban Fare on Davies and bought the tiramisu, wild berry cheesecake and brownie cake.

    The tiramisu was nice and soft and creamy, but nothing special... For the price, I guess I expected something a little more unique, but perhaps the pricing was due to the incorporation of organic ingredients.

    I was very disappointed by the wild berry cheesecake. It was more like a mousse than a cheesecake - it had none of the density and oomph of a *real* cheesecake - and while Japanese-style cheesecakes are lighter than the traditional New York style ones, the wild berry cheesecake completely lacked the creaminess that I would consider the defining characteristic of ANY cheesecake. I suspect they misnamed it, but in either case, for something like Urban Fare which I think prides itself on impeccable customer service and food quality, it was a really disappointing experience.

    I didn't get to try the brownie cake, so can't comment, but I doubt I'll be returning any time soon anyhow.

  4. Wow long rant. Sounds like you had a pretty bad experience. Personally I don't like mousse cakes, so I would be pretty mad if my cheesecake turned out to be like mousse. Luckily my mocha cheesecake was tasty and creamy albeit not as dense as a typical cheesecake. But I've only tried 2 items, so I guess I can't make a definitive statement about the quality. Will probably be returning for other items sooner or later, so we'll see :)

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