Solly's Bagelry (Broadway)

June 16, 2011
Solly's Bagelry is a Jewish family bakery and deli with 3 locations in Vancouver. I visited the Broadway location and picked up quite a few baked goods.

Since the place is a bagelry, of course bagels are a must-try. I got half a dozen ($5.10) all with different flavours. I haven't tried them all yet, but I just love the texture of the bread. When I picked up the bagel, it felt quite heavy and I was worried that it would be rock-hard and difficult to chew. Although the crust was slightly crispy and the inside was very dense, the bagel was still relatively soft with a bit of chewiness to it.

A sign in the store advertised their cinnamon buns ($2.25 each) as the best in the world, so I got a couple of those as well. I don't really like the taste of cinnamon, but I still found the buns delicious. The bread was soft and fluffy with a swirl of sweet cinnamon filling. Another good thing about the buns is that they're HUGE. Very good value for the price.

The apple slice ($2.75) is a moist cake with a sugar crusted top and thin slices of apple inside. It was not bad, but it was my least favourite item from the store because there's nothing special about it. Just a typical apple cake.

Then there were the little pastries that were my favourite. The small round cookies are chocolate almond meringues ($0.65 each) and the roll-like pastries are called rugelach ($0.75 each). I got 2 different flavours of rugelach (jam and nut, poppy) and both were equally scrumptious. The pastry was flakey and nicely layered, while the filling was sweet and tasty. The meringues were pretty good too with a hint of chocolate flavour and bits of almond inside, but I liked the buttery rugelach a lot more.

From what I've experienced, Solly's pastries are delicious and well-priced. I'm looking forward to my next visit for some more of those tasty rugelach!

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