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I tried to make a reservation for Burgoo as I was planning to visit on a Saturday night, but found out they only take reservations for groups of 8+ Sunday through Thursday. We arrived at 7 pm and were surprised the wait time was at least 30 minutes. We ended up waiting for close to an hour! But we got a nice spot on the patio close to the heat, so it was worth it.

I was cautious about ordering butter chicken ($17) because this is not an Indian restaurant, but decided to take the risk anyway. And I'm glad I did! The creamy curry was loaded with fragrant spices and was more savoury than many I've had at authentic Indian restaurants. The potatoes were soft but firm with sauce soaked in throughout. The basmati rice was a bit hard, but that was to be expected for brown rice. Although it would have been nice to have more rice as there was a lot of chicken and other toppings.

The banh mi xa xiu ($12) is a Vietnamese sandwich with barbecued pork. We opted for spinach salad which was refreshing. I don't like sandwiches in general, so I can't say I enjoyed this dish. But the barbecued pork was really tender and the bread was nice.

Ahhh the brie fondue ($13)! This is the reason I had wanted to visit Burgoo in the first place. The melted cheese was smooth and savoury, but not overwhelmingly rich or salty. The bread was coarse and crumbly which worked better with the fondue because the texture prevented the bread from getting soggy after dipping. I would've enjoyed a bit more apple though.

For dessert I ordered the chocolate banana bread pudding ($7) which came with a scoop of vanilla ice cream on top. I was a bit disappointed with this though, as the bread pudding was not fluffy as described in the menu and I could barely taste the banana. The dark chocolate swirled inside the bread had no depth to it and the ice cream tasted like it came from the frozen section of a grocery store. All in all, not a very impressive dessert and not worth the $7 in terms of quality.

The bill came in a bamboo steamer with a handful of colourful candies.

Dining at Burgoo was a great experience just because of the environment and the decor. Their menu features cuisines from around the world, so there's always something for everyone. Despite the long wait and the dessert I didn't enjoy, I still consider Burgoo a place to come back to.

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  1. i know this place, the blue neon sign caught my eyes few times when i passed it at night

    so whats the style there? fusion?

    confused* D:

    indian and viet? asian cuisine?

  2. I suppose it's international style! They label it as comfort food and the menu has items from all around the world. I was worried the chefs wouldn't be able to handle so many different cuisines, but everything was pretty good other than the dessert. And the best part really is the patio and the general atmosphere.


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