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I visited the Lobby Lounge at the Fairmont Pacific Rim again shortly after my previous afternoon tea experience. This time I came for the Carvery Luncheon with my SocialShopper voucher offering a set meal for 2 people at the low price of $19.50, which is essentially a buy-one-get-one deal. I browsed through the drink menu, looking for a non-alcoholic drink, and came across several options that seemed interesting.
~Non-Alcoholic Treats.... $8.~
Southern Peach: A sweet and light spicy combination of fresh peach puree with ginger beer
Orchard Delight: A refreshing mix of Seville oranges, pear and our house made apple cinnamon syrup
Very Berry: Blackberries and strawberries with notes of elderflower
Flower Pot: Dandelion and burdock married with the sweet nectar of fresh apricot puree
I asked the waitress for her recommendation, and she said she likes the Southern Peach. Since I was in the mood for something slightly spicy, I took her advice and got the peach and ginger beer drink. It had a strong and distinct ginger flavour with a spicy kick, but it was also quite sweet at the same time. I'm not sure whether the sweetness came from the ginger beer or the peach puree because the ginger flavour was strong enough that it almost completely covered the taste of the peach. The drink was not bad, but I definitely would not order it again for $8 since I didn't find it much different from regular soft drinks.

The Carvery Luncheon included a prime rib burger, fries and a choice of soup or salad. The soup of the day was beet soup which seemed more appealing than regular Caesar salad. There were a few small slices of pickled beet on top of a yellow soup that tasted like butternut squash with its grainy texture. The soup was thick and starchy, but I found it quite enjoyable coupled with the sweet-tart pickled beet. The burger was served with 4 condiments on the side including horseradish, pickles and peppers, beef jus, and a mixture of seeds that also tasted like horseradish. The only condiment I enjoyed was the beef jus as it was light and not very salty. I don't like the taste of horseradish and I found the peppers a bit too spicy.

The meat in the burger was bright red throughout and seasoned with a touch of mayonnaise. It was the most tender prime rib I have ever tasted! It was so soft and tender that it literally melted in my mouth.

Service was slow just like last time, but at least there were no finger-dipping-in-tea incidents. Prices are very steep for the food you get, but at a place like this, you're paying for the ambiance and not the food. That is why I'm very happy with my experience given the price I paid, but I would not come back at regular price with the less-than-satisfactory service.

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