Murchie's (Downtown)

As I was walking to work this morning, I passed by this sign on the sidewalk:

Sounds appealing right? So I decided to try it out for lunch. All the choices available were pretty much on display in the glass counter. I wouldn't really call it a gourmet meal, but the food looked good and the place was neat and tidy.

I thought the bruschetta ($3.50) looked really yummy, so I got that along with a lemon tart ($3.75). The bruschetta was reheated and served on a small silver tray with cutlery. The bread was very oily as were the toppings with cheese, but the flavours were rich and blended together perfectly. One problem I had was that the butter knife was so dull that I had a very hard time trying to cut through the bread. I just don't like eating with my hands, especially when eating oily foods :(

The lemon tart was quite expensive considering how small it was. It was probably around 1 inch tall with a 4 inch diameter. But it was sooooo good! I loved the crust because it was not overly sweet or buttery and did not break apart easily. The texture was firm but light and airy at the same time. And the lemon curd filling was just splendid without that loaded-with-preservatives taste. It was very creamy and tasted strongly of lemon with just the right amount of tartness balanced with a hint of sweetness.

It was a good choice for a quick bite, but definitely not a gourmet meal.

EDIT: Mar 28, 2011

I discovered the best tasting scones in Vancouver! This is the black currant scone ($2.75) from Murchie's dusted with icing sugar. They also have a plain version without the sugar, but I always get the iced one just because it looks so much nicer. I usually get it warmed up, and it literally melts in my mouth. When I cut into the warm scone with a butter knife, it's like cutting through a slab of soft butter. The scone is served with Murchie's own berry preserves, lemon curd and cream. My favourite spread is the berry jam, but the lemon curd is a close second. The cream is not that great since it's kind of watery. The drink shown with the food is my new favourite beverage: the raspberry temptation tea latte. I got a large (16 oz) for $3.50, and there's also a smaller size (12 oz) for $2.95. The raspberry temptation is raspberry tea with frothy steamed milk and a touch of chocolate. What's interesting about the way Murchie's makes tea lattes is that they keep the teabag in the cup. But for some odd reason, the tea doesn't get stronger as I drink. Mmm... scones and jam and a cup of piping hot tea latte are the best combination for a relaxing afternoon snack!

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  1. OMG ME TOO! Hahaha I try to use a knife to eat my burger whenever possible =P

  2. Hahaha~ People think I'm weird when I do that... They're like "Omg?! You're eating fries with a fork?!?"


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