La Petite France

March 27, 2011
This bakery cafe in Kitsilano offers a variety of bread and pastries as well as regular cafe fare. When I looked at the display counter, I noticed that with the exception of the tarts, almost all of the desserts were made with chocolate. I'm not a die-hard chocolate fan, especially when it comes to gobbling up a cake made entirely of rich and gooey sweet chocolate.

The lemon meringue tart ($5.75) caught my eye with its smooth white topping in a perfect swirl. Although the lemon filling wasn't as good as the one at Murchie's, the meringue made up for it as it was the smoothest and creamiest meringue I've ever had. There was also a thin layer of sweet chocolate on the bottom of the tart under the lemon curd. The chocolate was quite sweet and I think it overcompensated for the tartness of the lemon. This lemon meringue tart is probably one of the sweetest ones I've had, so lemon lovers might not enjoy it so much. My dad decided to try the delice ($6.25) which is a chocolate ganache cake with hazelnut cream. Just like the meringue, the ganache was really smooth and literally melted in my mouth. The hazelnut flavour was the perfect complement to the dark chocolate.

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