Kai Sushi Bar

March 19, 2011
Kai is definitely more a bar than a sushi restaurant. When I was having dinner there, I noticed that most of the other tables had ordered alcohol and small grilled dishes to share. I only tried the sushi, so that's the only thing I can comment on. In the picture below, the roll on the left is the spicy tuna roll ($6). It caught me by surprise because it was probably the spiciest spicy tuna roll I have ever tasted. In comparison, the millenium roll ($15) on the right was very mild. Dungeness crab, salmon, tuna and cucumber were wrapped in a thin egg crepe. It wasn't particularly impressive, but it was something different.

From left to right, the rolls below are the Kai house roll ($13), the dynamite ($6) and the negi hamachi ($4.50).

In my opinion, none of the rolls stood out and yet the prices are quite high. I saw a lot of people order the grilled dishes, and I couldn't help thinking that I should have tried those instead. But one big problem with the place is that there is an open kitchen, and the smoke from the grill made my eyes very dry. I had to run out of the restaurant the moment I finished eating because my eyes were starting to hurt. Given the average food, ambiance and high prices, I wouldn't visit again simply because there are so many options for good sushi in Vancouver.

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