Chili Garden

February 18, 2011
Chili Garden looked like a low-end restaurant from the outside, but the decor inside was actually quite nice. We decided to try a couple of appetizers, and of course we had to get the roti canai ($2.95) which is a Malaysian pancake. It was crispy outside and had many fluffy layers inside, making it slightly chewy as well.

The other appetizer we got was the pork satay ($6.95) which came in 4 skewers. It was a bit expensive, but the meat was full of flavour from the spices used in the marination process.

The satay came with a small side dish of diced cucumbers and onions in vinegar. The sour veggies were very refreshing, especially after the intense flavours of the meat skewers.

We visited on a weekday, so we ordered 3 lunch specials to share. The lunch special came with a spring roll and soup or salad for just $6.95 so it was a really good deal. We ended up getting 2 salads and a soup. I didn't drink much of the soup because it was very spicy (at least for me), but it tasted pretty good.

The salad was typical: lettuce and cucumbers with a peanut dressing. It wasn't very good, but at least I got my daily greens.

The first lunch special we got was the yellow curry with chicken. It was surprisingly sweet, yet rich and creamy at the same time. I loved the curry sauce, especially with rice! The spring roll was vegetarian, so it was quite light which I liked. The red sauce on the side is not hot sauce! I thought so at first, but it was actually a sweet and sour sauce.

The vegetarian pad thai was quite good as well. The noodles were not too dry and the flavour was just right. But I don't know why this dish was so spicy! I never knew that pad thai was supposed to be spicy... I saw little specks of red chili pepper in the noodles. I'm not sure if that's a common ingredient.

The only dish I didn't like was the sweet and sour pork with rice. The pork was overcooked and was really tough and dry. The sauce was sweet and sour, but did not have any flavour. I would not order this dish again.

Overall this was a very good meal, especially considering the price and portions. Most of the food was good, and I would probably come back for the lunch specials.

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