Re-Up BBQ (Hornby)

According to Urbanspoon, Re-Up BBQ is one of the top 10 "talk of the town" food places in Vancouver. I finally got to try out this little street cart on Hornby today. I had no trouble picking what I wanted because there was pretty much only one choice: the famous pulled pork sandwich ($6.75).

When I saw the guy putting the meat and coleslaw into the bun, I was worried that it wouldn't be filling. When I had the sandwich in front of me though, I realized that I needn't have worried. It was huge! In fact I could barely finish it. The pulled pork had a nice texture and was really flavourful. There was also a subtle spiciness that built up slowly as I was eating. My one complaint is that there was way too much meat and not enough coleslaw to balance it out. That's my personal preference though and I'm sure some meat lovers out there like it just the way it is. But as with all the other hyped up foods, I didn't find this sandwich to be extraordinary. To me it was just a regular burger, slightly better than the rest. The sauce and the overstuffed bun made it very messy to eat, and I generally don't enjoy that type of eating experience. But undoubtedly the pork was done very nicely, and I really liked the texture of the bun as well. This sandwich made for a very satisfying lunch.

Re-Up BBQ Foodcart on Urbanspoon

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