Mis Trucos

Mis Trucos is a tapas bar on Davie near La Belle Patate. The place is actually a house that looks slightly out of place amongst other restaurants in downtown. There is a narrow flight of stairs leading up to the entrance. As I walked inside, I felt like I was stepping into someone's living room. The lighting was dim and I could hear people chatting in low voices. There was a bar counter with a few seats, some tables and chairs on the side, and even a couple of couches.

Kish and I wanted to try their sangria, which they claim is the best in Vancouver. We ordered a pitcher of red sangria ($15) to start. I haven't tried a lot of sangria so I can't comment on whether it's the best in Vancouver, but it was the best sangria I've had :)

Halfway through the meal when we've almost finished the red sangria, we ordered a pitcher of white sangria due to the bartender's recommendation. We've never tried it before, and were surprised that it tasted just like lemonade. I couldn't really taste the white wine, but I still liked it. The red sangria was a lot stronger, while the white was light and refreshing. Both were really good.

We couldn't decide on what to get, so we tried the 6-course tasting menu for $35 per person.

1st course:
The first course was a salad with heirloom tomatoes. The ingredients were fresh, but nothing too special about this dish.

2nd course:
Kish could not stop raving about the steak tartare. The beef was perfectly marinated and served with a raw quail egg. The crostini was crispy but not hard, and tasted great with the steak tartare spread on top. Can't wait to eat this dish again!

3rd course:
We were given 2 pieces of ravioli served on spinach and some kind of mushroom. The ravioli were filled with shredded pork cheek and covered in a cream sauce. The pork cheek was very savoury and the texture was just like tuna flakes. I loved the spinach and even managed to finish the mushrooms (which I usually avoid)!

4th course:
We had a large and juicy piece of seared scallop with half a quail egg and a piece of prosciutto ham wrapped around some pea puree. I liked the scallop and quail egg, and the prosciutto was not bad. But the pea puree was... >_< I don't like peas to begin with, let alone when it's in the form of green goo.

5th course:
This was probably the largest dish of all. There were 4 slices of beef with a side of salad, roasted onion and goat cheese. The goat cheese was really strong... loved it! The beef was not super tender like tenderloin, but it was tender enough.

6th course:
For dessert, we had fried fritters coated with cinnamon sugar. There was chocolate sauce on the side for dipping. I really love desserts, but this dish turned out to be my least favourite part of the meal. The fritters were quite oily, and were too filling especially after eating the other 5 courses. It was definitely not the best way to end such a splendid meal. I would've preferred a small cheesecake or creme brulee.

Out of the 6 courses, I enjoyed the steak tartare the most. But all of the food as well as the sangria was excellent. I can't wait to visit again!

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