Beard Papa's (Richmond Centre)

November 08, 2010
I usually go to the Beard Papa's in Aberdeen because I think the creampuffs there taste better than the ones at the Richmond Centre location. I know they probably use the same recipe, but for some reason they taste different. Indulge Living featured the Richmond Centre and City Square locations a while back, so I bought a few vouchers for my occasional craving for baked goods. I picked up 3 different flavoured creampuffs: vanilla, green tea and mango. I also got 3 of the cheesecake sticks for $1.95 each. They came in a cute yellow take-out box.

All 3 filling flavours were pretty good, but the texture of the choux pastry was a bit too hard and crispy and not as good as the choux pastry at the Aberdeen location. The cheesecake sticks were really rich and creamy, but very pricey considering their size. I could finish one in about 4 bites.

I'm not too impressed with the Richmond Centre location; I think I'll try City Square next time :)

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  1. I agree. My experiences at the RC location is quite disappointing...


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