Well Tea (Richmond)

I had a late night snack at Well Tea today after class. I decided to be slightly adventurous and ordered the osmanthus oolong milk tea (桂花烏龍奶茶). When it came, I was a bit surprised because it was bright yellow! Despite its looks though, it tasted quite good. I could taste the oolong tea with just a hint of sweet osmanthus.

I was craving something savoury and spicy, so I got the wonton in red chili oil (紅油抄手). It was not too spicy which was great for me, and it tasted better than expected. I didn't think a bubble tea place would have decent Chinese dishes, but the food was not bad.

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  1. We should do a blogger meet one day =)! There's this BBT place called What8ver Cafe in Richmond I really wanna try!

  2. Oooo where is this What8ver place? We should meet up and chomp away some time :)

  3. http://www.urbanspoon.com/r/14/1540353/restaurant/Vancouver/Richmond-Central/What8ver-Cafe-Richmond

    I have seen someone post a picture of this really cool icecream toast from here!

    Email me your email LMAO my email is omysweettooth@gmail.com


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