Thai D'or

October 14, 2010
After watching the salmon run at Broderick Haig-Brown Provincial Park, we stopped for dinner at Thai D'or in Abbotsford. It's a brick-coloured house on the side of a wide but not-too-busy street.

The decor was a lot nicer than I had expected, with water cascading down 2 large mosaic rock tiles on the wall. The sound of water gently flowing down was quite soothing.

The first dish we had was the house special salad ($9). I was completely impressed by this dish. I was never into eating raw leaves, but I wouldn't mind eating salad every day if it tasted this good. What was truly impressive about this salad was that I didn't like most of the ingredients, and yet I still found it very very tasty. I particularly dislike peanuts, but the chopped peanuts and the vinaigrette worked out perfectly with the salad.

Then we had the tom yam goong ($9) which is a hot and sour broth with prawns. It was just the right amount of spiciness for me, and had quite a rich flavour.

Since I don't eat very spicy foods, I ordered the chicken gaeng kari ($12.50) which is a mild yellow curry because I've heard that red and green curries are very spicy. I had an order of coconut rice ($3) to go with it, which I think was the perfect combination. I asked for the curry mild, so it wasn't spicy at all but it had a very nice curry flavour. The portion was a bit small though.

Next we had the traditional pad thai ($12.50) which was the one dish that I found to be rather average. The noodles were a bit on the dry side, and the flavour was slightly lacking.

We wanted something sweet, so we ordered the only dessert they served other than ice cream. It wasn't on the menu, but the waitress said they made deep fried bananas with ice cream on top ($5.99). We decided on green tea ice cream, which tasted great with the bananas.

This is one of the best Thai restaurants I've been to. In terms of both quality and price, it beats a lot of Thai places in Vancouver including a famous one I've visited in Yaletown. Even though it's a bit far, I'll definitely go back when I have the chance.

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