Miyabi is a new Japanese restaurant in the same strip mall as Save-On-Foods on No. 3 Road. I passed by this place last week and saw many people slurping up hot delicious-looking bowls of ramen. I finally tried it out tonight with Kish. He wanted to order toro and hamachi sashimi, but they were out of both. So we ended up with boring salmon sashimi. It was quite fresh, but the pieces were a bit small.

And of course we tried the delicious-looking ramen ($8.50). There were 4 soup bases to choose from: miso, shoyu, spicy miso, and spicy shoyu. Then there were 3 choices of topping: cha-shu (pork), teriyaki chicken, and mixed veggies. I chose teriyaki chicken ramen in spicy miso soup. The bowl looked really big, but the waitress told us it wasn't as big as it looked. As I was eating I realized she was right, but it was still really big! I finished it anyway because it was so yummy. It was hot and savoury, but not too salty.

After a nice hot bowl of ramen, we started on sushi. The chopped scallop roll ($3.80) was one of the best I've tasted because the scallops were really fresh and didn't have that weird fishy taste.

We also tried one of their special rolls called the red fire roll ($8.95). It was pretty much a dynamite roll (prawn tempura, avocado, cucumber) with spicy tuna and tobiko on top. The combination was very tasty, and I liked the crispy prawn paired with spicy tuna.

The ingredients they use are really fresh, and the waitress told me the sashimi is shipped from Japan. Unfortunately that means when they run out of sashimi, they have to wait for the next shipment. So I guess I'll have to come back for the toro and hamachi some other time.

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  1. How does the ramen compare to DT ramen joints? I love ramen!

  2. It was nice and hot, and I got mild so it was just the right amount of spicyness for me. Taste-wise I'm not sure if it quite measures up to DT joints, but size-wise it's definitely worth the money. I find that the DT ramens are usually really small...


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