Bella Gelateria

After dinner at Chungdam Ahn, I headed to Bella Gelateria for a gelato. Apparently the owner of the gelateria has attended gelato university in Italy. Yes this school actually exists! It's called the Carpigiani Gelato University in Bologna, Italy. A week of tuition is over $1000! So with that in mind... $4.95 for a scoop of gelato is not too unreasonable. After all, this is authentic gelato made only using fresh ingredients. The gelato is made with Avalon organic whole milk, while the sorbetto is made with Canadian Springs bottled water. Unlike other places that display an array of gelato behind their glass counters, all of the gelato bins in Bella Gelateria are covered with lids. This is done to maintain a constant temperature and to ensure freshness. I tried the espresso gelato last time, and I loved how the flavour was strong but not too overbearing. This time I was trying to decide on one of the many different varieties of chocolate flavours. I was told that the old fashioned chocolate is made from fresh cocoa beans, while the other chocolate flavours are made with chocolate imported from France. Fresh cocoa beans sounded more appealing to me, so I decided to try the old fashioned chocolate, and again the chocolate flavour was there but not overly intense. I think that only ice cream/gelato with artificial flavouring could achieve super intense flavours, and this gelato definitely tasted natural. It melted quite quickly, and the texture was much smoother and softer than other gelato I have tasted. Even the waffle cone was impressively fresh and crispy. This rich and creamy gelato made the perfect after dinner snack!

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